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Hello, My name is Maddie, I love tv. I probably reblog more tv/youtube/movies then most people watch in a life time. I hope you get a laugh because I know that I am doing just that.
Also PS I am huge on postivie self image and improving ones self. So enjoy all that positive stuff.

I used to say all things commonly tagged and then decided...I'm not that easy to describe. Sorry.

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Never mind.[x]


get to know me meme 
favourite tv shows [1/5]: pushing daisies

"Well, who died instead?"
"It’s a random proximity thing."
"Bitch, I was in proximity!"



Charlie + being a tiny bit of a hipster for yujia21

Our production designer Jen’s favorite shorthand way of describing Charlie’s aesthetic was “pseudo-hipster”. She didn’t think he was trying hard enough to seem like he wasn’t trying hard enough to be classified as a “real hipster”.




Out of every pun and play on words I’ve seen on this site, this is the one that makes me so unreasonably angry.



"So if you would like to break my heart and have me write a song about you, please like, subscribe and share." [x]

Oh, wow, it’s like all of my favorite lines in one handy post. :D


Today my history professor, a rumpled, pot-bellied guy in his mid thirties, walked into class looking all excited, which made the rest of us nervous, because he’s known for pop quizzes. He took a deep breath and said, “I have been waiting for this moment my entire teaching career. So please, pull out your textbooks and…” in a British accent, glowering at us all ferociously, “TURN TO PAGE THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY FOUR.”

We. All. DIED.


"You know, we’ve never been single at the same time before." I Ship It